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To promote, preserve and enhance Chinese culture.

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About TCDC

Triangle Chinese Dance Club (TCDC) is a dance club in the Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill), North Carolina. The club was founded in 2008. Our objectives are to promote, preserve and enhance Chinese culture. The dancers are trained by professional dance teachers. The dances we have performed include Chinese folk, classical and ethnic dances. Since founded, we have participated in many local community events, such as Raleigh International Festival, Durham CenterFest, Cary Lazy Daze and Chinese New Year Gala organized by CAFA.

红雀艺术团是一个由舞蹈爱好者组成的业余艺术团体。该团成立于2008年,团员均来自北卡三角地区的职业人士以及学生, 大部分团员曾有过一定的舞蹈训练。自2008年,我们每年都参与本地区各种大型的文艺演出和文化活动,为观众呈现了十多个形式多样、色彩缤纷的舞蹈。 艺术团希望籍瑰丽多姿的中国舞蹈传播和弘扬中国文化。

艺术团的排练时间为星期天下午1:30-3:30,我们欢迎有兴趣的朋友加入。排练地点:106 Pheasant Wood Ct., Morrisville, NC 27560

TCDC Dancers

  • President: Hui Hu 胡晖
  • Coaches: Fang Liu 刘芳、Hong Cui 崔虹
  • Treasurer: Yunzhu Li 李云珠
  • Videos/Stage Background: Yuqing Lu 卢雨晴、Yushen Huang 黄昱珅
  • Costumes: Yan Sun 孙燕、Christine Zhao 赵燕纯
  • Advisors: Shasha Zhang 张莎莎、Wei Ni 倪伟、Joanne Huang 黄娟


  • Tao Bai 白滔、Li Chen 陈莉、Xiaoqing Chang 常晓青、Hong Cui 崔虹、Juan Du 杜娟、Qingping He 贺青萍
  • Chun Hu 胡淳、Hui Hu 胡晖、Tracy Hu 胡龙枝、Yushen Huang 黄昱珅、Wei Jiang 蒋蔚、Yiqun Jiao 焦益群
  • Huimin Li 李慧敏、Li Li 李黎、Yunzhu Li 李云珠、Fang Liu 刘芳、Yuqing Lu 卢雨晴、Jing Peng 彭静、
  • Jenny Shu 束瑞杰、Linhua Song 宋林华、Yan Sun 孙燕、Karen Wang 汪涛、Lily Wang 王力红
  • Yaling Wang 王娅玲、 Chaoying Yin 尹超英、Christine Zhao 赵燕纯

TCDC Performances

Check out where we have been and keep up with our future performances.

Upcoming Performances

  • Performances for Seniors (August 18, 2017 at SearStone, Cary)
  • 2017 Dragon Boat Festival (Saturday, September 23, 2017 at Regency Park, Cary NC)
  • 2017 Raleigh InternationalFestival (Friday, October 20, 2017 at Raleigh Convention Center)
  • 2018 Chinese New Year Gala (Sunday, February 25, 2017 at UNC Memorial Hall)

Our new dance for 2018

  • 傣族舞:缅桂花开朵朵香

Past Performances

  • Raleigh International Festival (2008-2016)
  • Golden Fall Celebration (2008)
  • Raleigh First Night (December 31 2008)
  • NIEHS Asian Pacific Island Celebration (2008)
  • Cary Middle East Festival (2009)
  • CAFA Chinese New Year Gala (2009-2017)
  • Durham Centerfest (2009)
  • UNC Fair (2009)
  • Cary Lazy Daze (2009)
  • Chapel Hill Senior Center (2012)
  • Dragon Boat Festival (2015-2016)
  • Tanger Outlet Mebane Chinese New Year Celebration (2016)
  • Chapel Hill Chinese New Year Festival (2017)
  • Asia Nite at North Carolina State University (2017)

Dances we performed

  • 现代舞: 中国大舞台 Coach: 卢沂
  • 新疆舞: 西域风情 Coach: 卢沂
  • 古典舞: 紫竹调 Coach: 刘芳
  • 汉族舞: 竹雨沙沙 (Misting in Bamboo Grove) Coach: 黄娟
  • 彝族舞: 呼唤绿荫 (Planting a Greener Future) Coaches: 黄娟、陶菁
  • 藏族舞: 唐古拉风 (The Spirit of Tang Gu La) Coach: 黄娟、丁如
  • 傣族舞: 红是红啊绿是绿 (Red is Red, Green is Green) Coach:黄娟
  • 开场舞: 欢聚一堂 (Chinese New Year Gala Opening Dance) Coach: 黄娟
  • 古典舞: 红扇 (Red Fan) Coaches: 丁如、陶菁、黄娟
  • 苗族舞: 一抹红 (A Touch of Red) Coaches: 黄娟、Lala Ma
  • 古典舞: 采薇 (Song from Afar) Coach: 黄娟
  • 藏族舞: 玛曲姑娘 (Ma Qu Girls) Coaches: 黄娟、崔虹
  • 古典舞: 茉莉花开 (Jasmine in Bloom) Coaches: 刘芳、崔虹
  • All of our performance videos are available at TCDC YouTube.

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